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We are the only ServiceNow Partner specialised solely in the areas of Integrated Risk Management, Vendor Risk Management, Security Operations and Business Continuity Management.

We provide you with a comprehensive but flexible solution, designed to fit your company’s needs.

Wrangu Experience


Working together, we build a roadmap based on your requirements ensuring you receive a solution of the highest level of quality whilst providing the flexibility to meet your business needs. You are supported by a dedicated global team who ensure success from the initial consultation through to ongoing support.

Wrangu Excellence

Strong expertise

Our team has the perfect blend of integrated risk, security and data privacy knowledge, industry expertise and deep technical software capability.

The way we apply this expertise to our customers resulted in us achieving a customer satisfaction score of 100% in 2019!

Data Privacy Management Solution

Privacy Hub by Wrangu is the solution for Data Privacy Management. 

Built for: Privacy, Legal, Security & IT Teams


Combining the flexibility to meet your business needs, creating efficiencies to drive ROI and transparency to keep the board happy.

Automate your privacy management with four key modules: 

  • Record of Processing Activities
  • Data Protection Impact Assessments
  • Data Breach Reporting
  • Data Subject Rights Requests Fulfillment 

Privacy Hub Discovery powered by INDICA automates discovery of personal data (unstructured and structured) across all aspects of your organisational IT Infastructure and evaluates whether there is currently a legitimate reason for holding that data.

The Privacy Hub is built on the ServiceNow Platform which allows for endless Integration capability.

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