ePrivacy: Directive vs Regulation Infographic

The ePrivacy Regulation was originally supposed to come into effect alongside the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) updating the ePrivacy Directive 2002. That ambitious timeline has come and gone.

When the original ePrivacy Directive 2002 came into force iPhones were still five years away. An update to the directive is necessary to cater to new technological developments such as the widespread use of telecommunications technology and an explosion in messaging services as well as the continued expansion of services connected over the internet (Internet of Things).

This Infographic highlights the key differences between the ePrivacy Directive vs the ePrivacy Regulation.

This is the age of information. That information is data created, collected, and collated at extraordinary rates. Every hour, Walmart collects 2.5 petabytes of unstructured data from 1 million customers, and a whole science has emerged to transform those raw bits of information into value.

As data collection has expanded, so have peoples’ awareness about what is collected and who owns that information. Most people today believe the data they generate about themselves is their property, and regulations have emerged to confirm this idea backed by the power of law. Right now, 10% of the world’s population is regulated under some type of legislation, and that number is predicted to grow to over 60% by 2023.

Modern organisations must therefore balance extracting value from data with privacy concerns guided by an ethics that considers each phase of the data life cycle. By doing so, organisations gain visibility and insight into the data they collect including where the data comes from, who has access to it, and what regulations need to be complied with. This drives business efficiency reducing risk while proactively positioning your organisation to adapt to evolving regulations.

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