E-Privacy Regulation Podcast

Data Protection Gray Areas: ePrivacy Regulation

In this episode of Grey Areas; Stephen and Elif explore the ePrivacy Regulation, GDPR and more with Burak.

Listen to the podcast to hear about the history of this data protection directive/regulation in the EU and current status of the legislation in this area.

The Complete Transcript

Burak Ozdemir: Welcome to LFTF, the podcast about turning your webinar into a lead generation machine and advancing your business objectives. With me as usual, Lee Grant, president of The Streaming Network.
Lee Grant: Thanks for having me, Pete. And you–I believe that is what you said last time for the title.
Burak Ozdemir: I think I nailed it. That’s it.
Lee Grant: So, I think maybe we’ve gotten the same–.
Burak Ozdemir: –We got it–.
Lee Grant: –Title twice in a row–.
Burak Ozdemir: –We got it, so–.
Lee Grant: –But we’re not talking about lead generation today.
Burak Ozdemir: No. Well, a little bit.
Lee Grant: Okay.
Burak Ozdemir: It’s a–I think–and we’ll get into it. But one of the–so, what we want to talk about is not-for-profits. And I was reading an article talking about how not-for-profits use advanced webinar, virtual events platforms.
Lee Grant: Yep.
Burak Ozdemir: And we spend a lot of time talking about, you know, how business–businesses can use–.
Lee Grant: –Yeah–.
Burak Ozdemir: –Our platform as a lead generation tool. But there’s–you know, I was surprised to learn that these NFPs are using them for, like, communication strategies.
Lee Grant: Yeah.
Burak Ozdemir: And so, what’s driving that? Like, what are we seeing right now when we–and we deal with some of these–.
Lee Grant: –Yeah–.
Burak Ozdemir: –Types of companies, right?
Lee Grant: Yeah, we do. And, I mean, I don’t think it’s any surprise. I think that, you know, this podcast will be listened to by people who aren’t used to our program, I think–.
Burak Ozdemir: –Um-hmm–.
Lee Grant: –Because it’ll be not-for-profits that’ll be showing up. But–and I’m not saying anything that they don’t know, that 51% of associations out there are facing a decline in membership. And the reason that the audiences are not, you know, re-signing up or not seeing value is they feel that there is a lack of engagement with the associations.


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