Brexit Transition Privacy Compliance Checklist

This checklist is for U.K. businesses preparing for the end of the transition period, December 31, 2020, without E.U. data flows. This means organisations that do not collect data on EU persons and do not target or sell services or goods on the continent.

When the Brexit “transition” period ends on 31/12/2020 there will be a direct impact to all organisations collecting personal information across the EU/UK divide.  This is because at this time the U.K. has not been given an “adequacy determination” by the European Commission and will therefore be considered a third country.

However, for U.K. organisations that do not collect UK personal information, continued adherence with the Data Protection Act, implemented in 2018, will continue to be the necessary requirement.

Here are some steps to take to prepare for 1st January 2021.

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