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Our Data Privacy Management Software, Privacy Hub, combines the flexibility to meet your business needs, whilst creating efficiencies to drive your ROI, and delivering transparency to keep the board happy.

Wrangu’s Data Privacy Management Software Solutions help by:

  • Providing support for managing multiple regulations – comply with CCPA, GDPR, LGPD, LPPD & many other global privacy laws using common processes and a single platform.
  • Providing Flexibility – often vendors that provide data privacy solutions, deliver ‘one size fits all’ products. We don’t believe in this approach, our products can be configured to deliver your internal and external privacy requirements. See what our customers say.

Managing Complex Privacy Requirements made simple with Privacy Hub

We have a suite of Data Privacy Management software and solutions to aid your privacy compliance journey. We support your business as you mature on your privacy management journey.

Global privacy laws like the GDPR, CCPA, and others, have led to organizations changing the way they think about data privacy management. Privacy Hub by Wrangu is a powerful and easy-to-use data privacy management software that solves these challenges at scale – allowing organizations to simplify their privacy program management in a single source of truth.

We Provide Solutions for these Data Privacy Regulations

Solving your Data Privacy Challenges with Data Privacy Management Software

Corporate Adoption with the Data Privacy Portal

Challenge: How do I/my team get the relevant people in my organisation to actively engage in data privacy management activities? 

Solution: Our Data Privacy Management Software: Privacy Hub’s Data Privacy Portal provides companies with a user-friendly interface and active workflows to ensure Privacy Requirements are easy to fulfill.

Wrangu Demo Privacy Hub
Privacy Hub DPO Dashboard

Efficient Reporting with the Data Privacy Dashboard

Challenge: How do I create reports for senior management efficiently and with the level of transparency that they require? 

Solution: Our Data Privacy Management Software: Privacy Hub’s DPO Dashboard enables real-time reporting which can be activated on all data contained within the system. Further, this can be automated creating a touchless data privacy solution.

Manage & Automate Data Subject Rights Requests

Challenge: How do I manage and automate Data Subject Access Requests and ensure they are fulfilled as per regulation?

Solution: Our Data Privacy Management Software: Privacy Hub’s DSR module automates the process of Data Subject Rights Requests, driving the process from start to finish and within SLAs, under whichever regulations apply to your organization. 

Data Subject Rights Request
Data Protection Impact Assessment

Privacy Impact Assessments

Challenge: How do I ensure response from across my organisation, on a consistent and timely basis without draining my/my team’s time?

Solution: Our Data Privacy Management Software: Privacy Hub’s DPIA module automates all Privacy Assessments (including Privacy Risk Assessment, PIAs, DPIAs), as and when needed, in real-time and with true transparency. 

Our solutions: Find out how to automate your Data Privacy Processes with our privacy management tools saving you time and money

Data Flow Mapper

Challenge: How do I know where my data is and where it is being transferred to?

Solution: Our Data Privacy Management Software: Privacy Hub Data Flow Mapper provides the ability to document the flow of personal data for processing activities using a drag and drop graphical interface.

Active Record of Processing Activities (ROPA)

Challenge: Since Privacy-by-Design principles mean that Record of Processing Activities must be in place, how do I actively manage this to ensure compliance?

Solution: Our Data Privacy Management Software: Privacy Hub’s ROPA module automates the process of establishing a current ROPA and actively signals when it may need to be reviewed due to changes in activity.

Privacy Hub ropa
Data Breach Reporting

Data Breach Reporting

Challenge: I know that I need to respond quickly, efficiently and accurately, to any potential Data Breach, but how do I do this? 

Solution: Our Data Privacy Management Software: Privacy Hub’s Data Breach Incidents module drives the collection of the required information to be submitted to regulators as well as guiding the triage process.

Consent Management

Challenge: How do I know which Privacy statement was used, at which time, and on which system? The lack of knowledge on this creates significant complexity and high costs!

Solution: Our Data Privacy Management Software Privacy Hub’s Consent Management Centre tracks your Privacy Statements and their various versions.

Data Discovery, Data Mapping and Data Life Cycle Management

Challenge: Where exactly is the data in my organisation? Should it even be there? 

Solution: Our Data Privacy Management Software Privacy Hub’s Data Discovery powered by INDICA technology automates discovery of personal data (unstructured and structured) across all aspects of your organisational IT Infrastructure and evaluates whether there is currently a legitimate reason for holding that data.

Retain Data Intelligence with Synthetic Data

Challenge: Where Conforming to the principle of data minimisation to limit the use of personal data to what is strictly necessary, your organisation indicated a retention limitation. When that moment arrives, it is time to delete your data. But wait! Your data is your gold. Do not throw away your gold!

Solution: Our Data Privacy Management Software: Privacy Hub combined with Syntho’s Synthetic Data tool to de-identify and delete your data. You can generate a Synthetic Dataset based on the original dataset, after generating the Synthetic Dataset in the Syntho Software, you can delete the original dataset in Privacy Hub and continue performing analysis on the Synthetic Dataset, retaining the data intelligence without the personal data. Pretty cool.

Read our Client Success Case Studies

Customer satisfaction is our top priority. Working together, we build a roadmap based on our clients’ requirements ensuring they receive a solution of the highest level of quality whilst providing the flexibility to meet their business needs. Our clients are supported by a dedicated global team who ensure success from the initial consultation through to ongoing support.

We don’t believe in a ‘one size fits all’ approach when it comes to our solutions. With that mindset, everything we do becomes a means to that end. Our service exists to delight clients and get amazing results for them.

Don’t just take our word for it, read some testimonials from our clients, who explain their experience with us.

You’ll notice from our testimonials that we focus on ensuring our clients’ get real value from their investment. We don’t waste time trying to change our clients’ existing processes to fit our solutions – unless there’s evidence from our subject matter experts that they are strongly linked to the company’s success.

Managing the complexity of complying with multiple regulations (GDPR, LPPD) with Wrangu's Data Privacy Management Software: Privacy Hub by Wrangu

Jason Burns is the EU Data Protection and Governance Lead at Bristol Myers Squibb, the leading US pharmaceutical company.

“There is just no comparison to the way we were before [Privacy Hub by Wrangu].”

Jason Burns
Accelerating GDPR requirements with Wrangu's Data Privacy Management Software & ServiceNow

REMA 1000 is a multinational no-frills supermarket chain.

“With Privacy Hub by Wrangu for GDPR we saved 8 hours per DSR request and recovered $250,000 in the first quarter.”

Automating Governance, Risk, Compliance and GDPR Privacy requirements with Wrangu's Data Privacy Management Software: Privacy Hub

One of the largest banks in Europe, our client is a French international banking group currently operating with a presence in 72 countries and with over 200,000 employees.

“With all the different projects that our teams face/are involved in, Wrangu and the team go beyond their remit and help our teams to prioritize the user stories, define acceptance criteria, clarify any user story, which makes this Sprint very valuable.”

Project Manager

Frequently Asked Questions

The Privacy Hub by Wrangu is a very intuitive application, specific training for the Data Privacy Team and other business users is not necessary. However, we are very happy to provide specific training made for your organisation’s needs.

Not at all, the privacy hub by Wrangu is available in multiple languages, based on the customers needs.

Yes, we will add more privacy legislations from across the globe over the next releases.

No, you can choose only the modules that your organisation needs. You can add more modules later on, if you wish. 

The Privacy Hub by Wrangu is part of the ServiceNow platform and uses its vast integration capabilities including standard technologies like SOAP, REST and WSDL.

ServiceNow Store certified custom application

Our Data Privacy Management Software: Privacy Hub by Wrangu is a ServiceNow Store certified custom application. The application integrates seamlessly into your current ServiceNow Integrated Risk Management, Vendor Risk Management and Security Operations modules.

Now certified

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