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This page contains testimonials and success stories revealing how we’ve transformed companies’ risk, security and privacy processes across all verticals. You can see our many client successes if you scroll down this page. Our methodology has been successful in nearly every vertical.

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Many of the world’s most respected brands trust us to accelerate their integrated risk, security and privacy management processes.

REMA 1000 Case Study

Automating GDPR processes with the Wrangu GDPR Accelerator & ServiceNow


That’s the number of hours we saved per subject access request for REMA 1000, a multinational no-frills supermarket chain, within the first quarter of implementing the GDPR Accelerator.


That’s the cost that was recovered within the first quarter for REMA 1000, a multinational no-frills supermarket chain, as a result of implementing the GDPR Accelerator.

Wrangu for Retail

Vodafone Business Case Study

Vodafone Business accelerate their ServiceNow Integrated Risk Management and Security Operations with Wrangu

Vodafone business is a division of Vodafone Group, a multinational telecommunications company. Vodafone business provides networking and communication services to businesses globally with over 10,000 employees.

Vodafone has been successful in realising some real value from their investment and are accelerating its adoption across their business.

“Implementing the solution in a complex organisation and environment has been extremely challenging. Wrangu have supported us every step of the way in our journey.

French Banking Group Case Study

French international banking group accelerate their privacy efforts with Wrangu

One of the largest banks in Europe, our client is a French international banking group currently operating with a presence in 72 countries and with over 200,000 employees

The client has successfully implemented the solution in France and the UK and will roll out the implementation globally in the summer of 2020.

“With all the different projects that our teams face/are involved in, Wrangu and the team go beyond their remit and help our teams to prioritize the user stories, define acceptance criteria, clarify any user story, which makes this Sprint very valuable.”

Wrangu for financial services
Wrangu for Pharmaceutical​

Bristol Myers-Squibb Case Study

The risks pharmaceutical enterprises face are growing, in frequency and magnitude, especially for trial design and execution, approval, quality and commercial practices. Compliance risks are very high and the industry also face general risks like data breaches and supply-chain risks. 

This will place an additional strain on integrated risk management, security and privacy. Wrangu’s software and services help you work efficiently on compliance, data privacy and integrated risk management. We deliver solutions worldwide for the pharmaceutical industry.

Bertel O.Steen Case Study

Privacy laws and regulations worldwide place a huge burden on telecommunications enterprises. It creates regulatory risks. Supply chain risks include potential data breaches from third-party technology prodivers. Meanwhile, customers demand security of their personal data. 

These risks are in need of extensive integrated risk management, security management and data privacy management, worldwide and in the whole organisation. Wrangu helps you retain control over data privacy and security risks. Wrangu already delivers software and services for telecommunications companies companies across Europe.

Wrangu for Telecommunications​

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